Lumos Ra Studio for Interactive Lighting & Spatial Experiences

At Lumos Ra, we design and develop custom lighting solutions for a broad range of venues, events and clients in the high-end lighting and architectural sector. Our mission: Illuminating spaces with timeless minimalism, creating outstanding products and sensitive experiences that make an inspiring and long lasting impression.

Located next to the beautiful Alster-Lake in Hamburg, Germany we shape metal with highest precision, develop custom electronics and software in-house – always thriving for pushing quality further, with a sensitive understanding for detail.
Industrial Design
Product Development
Rapid Prototyping
Embedded systems
PCB design

Mechanical engineering
Technical Drawings
CNC machining
3D printing
Sheet metal fabrication

Andreas Rothaug (1986) is a Hamburg-based German designer. His work stretches across a variety of fields ranging from spatial interventions to the design of glass & metal based sculptures and commercial lighting pieces, conceived either as limited edition series or produced in collaboration with the industry.
The studio Lumos Ra is located in an old building close to the Alster lake. The space fulfils multiple purposes, simultaneously serving as living space, office and meeting area, and hosting a workshop area for model making and creative endeavours of all kinds.